April Update


I hit a key milestone in the Tatreez & Tea book project this month... http://www.youtube.com/v/aKZjXhSAUW8?version=3&loop=1&playlist=aKZjXhSAUW8

I printed my first draft copy of the book!

After reaching a fairly substantial word count in the manuscript, I shared it with my editor to hear her initial thoughts. She read some excerpts and provided some very helpful feedback. I am about halfway through the manuscript and hope to complete it by this weekend.

As a lifelong journal writer, I crave putting pen to paper. For me, the practice of writing with a pen is much different that typing. Writing with a pen in hand is therapeutic, almost a bond between myself and the paper. I trust the pages that hold the ink of my pen, and  will not disappear with the accidental push of a key or click of the mouse. Also, I wanted to see the book in print, to believe that I am near completion.

I've scheduled my next trip to Portland at the end of July to: do another photoshoot, finalize the photographs and patterns that will be included in the book, and go through the final edited version with my mother. While it doesn't feel that there is much to write about, or left to do, I have a tremendous amount of work ahead of me in finalizing the manuscript content and flow, as well as planning the two reading series' in Oregon and New York by the end of the year.

I feel that I've passed the halfway point with the project, which is a wonderful feeling. Thank you for all your support so far.



I hope you've decided to follow me on Instagram (@tatreezandtea)! I've been posting designs, patterns, quotes, stories, and teasers from the book.  In only one month, I grew the Instagram following for Tatreez & Tea from zero to 256!

Happy May,