Amazon Release of Tatreez & Tea! [BOOK TRAILER] Today, it is with great joy, gratitude and privilege that I announce the release and publication of my book, Tatreez & Tea, on Amazon!

I am currently finalizing iBooks and Nook versions, which has taken a bit longer because these platforms require special formatting of specific types of content. I grappled with even offering this book on iBooks and Nook, because they have extremely limited file size requirements, which will be tricky for those who would like to zoom in and use the embroidery patterns. I am updating my marketing materials to inform embroiderers that Amazon Kindle format will be their best option. I am also interested in creating a "pattern only" book, because the limited file size will not be an issue for less than 50 images.

The entire formatting process for the ebook was not easy -- the mixture of Arabic and English text in the manuscript, coupled with over 180 images, made for an extremely complex, time consuming, and difficult formatting process. I did not anticipate that the process would be so difficult. Throughout this experience, however, I have determined that I will not only offer this book digitally, but it will be imperative for embroiderers to have this book in print format as well. I am currently researching print book designers to get started on this process.

Without the support of my donors, in particular those that supported me during my Indiegogo campaign last year, I would not have been able to begin serious work on this project. For those donors who donated $50 or more, please be sure to fill out this form to obtain your free copy of the book. Otherwise, I won't know what format your ereader requires. Once I complete the formatting process for iBook and Nook, I will be able to generate coupons for your free download.

So, what is next for the Tatreez & Tea book proejct? I have so many ideas!

  • Create "Recipes Only" and "Patterns Only" of the book, with expanded recipes and patterns, and revised text.
  • Begin work on the second edition of the book, to include an additional 15 patterns, stories and meanings, as well as at least 10 traditional Palestinian sweets recipes of my family.
  • Continue booking events, as we have a few that are being finalized in New Jersey and one coming up in Brooklyn, New York. You can request an event in your area here, and you can check on upcoming events here.
  • Follow me on Instagram, @tatreezandtea, to hear more updates and learn more about the work my mother and I plan to do in 2017 to continue preserving this endangered art.

Thank you so much for your support over this last year. I spent quite a bit of the last month concerned and anxious to release the book, but after the U.S. presidential elections last week left us all in shock and many of us fearful of the future -- I realized that there was much more to fear than widow or orphan in my digital manuscript. I woke up on Thursday morning, after a day of mourning, feeling more triumphant than ever that I had completed the book and was ready to release it.

It is my contribution to not only preserve Palestinian culture and identity, but to foster dialogue that is inclusive, peaceful and representative of our beautiful culture and diverse society. Our dream for Palestine will never die, and it doesn't matter what boorish, entitled, childish and ignorant bully attempts to say so amidst their incoherent and astoundingly incompetent verbal diarrhea.

Now is the time to rise. Now is the time to rise together.