(3.17.2017) 13th Annual Israeli Apartheid Week Cultural Event at the University of Toronto


13th Annual Israeli Apartheid Week Cultural EventMarch 17, 2017 7-10pm

Address: University of Toronto - St George 563 Spadina Crescent, Room 101 Toronto, Ontario

Wafa Ghnaim will be presenting traditional Palestinian embroidery designs from their book, Tatreez & Tea: Embroidery and Storytelling in the Palestinian Diaspora, available for purchase on Amazon, iBooks and Nook.

Wafa and her sisters grew up learning the time honored folk art and tradition of embroidery from their mother, Feryal Abbasi-Ghnaim. Researching over thirty years worth of oral history interviews, recorded demonstrations, lectures, journal entries and photographs from her and her mother, Wafa documents, decodes and preserves the patterns, meanings and oral history of over a dozen traditional Palestinian embroidery designs passed on for more than four generations between women in her family.

Hosted by Students Against Israeli Apartheid (SAIA) at the University of Toronto - St. George. This event is free and open to the public. No registration required.

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