100% of donations goes towards projects that we’ve designed to preserve the ancestral art form of traditional Palestinian tatreez embroidery production in the diaspora. Tatreez is an art form past down for centuries between Palestinian women in Palestine. In the diaspora, this ancestral practice has become endangered and requires ongoing arts education programming to ensure that it is preserved and practiced.

Tatreez & Tea relies solely on grants and individual donations to pursue projects/fulfill needs that directly work towards preserving Palestinian tatreez embroidery in the diaspora, including:

  • Develop new curricula for classes and lectures;

  • Establish a PO Box in Washington, DC;

  • Produce videos of our hands doing embroidery and creating new projects, getting them edited and available on YouTube;

  • Begin research on an additional 15 traditional Palestinian embroidery motifs to decode and create patterns;

  • Respond to universities and institutions that request “desk copies” (free copies) in order to circulate the book;

  • Purchase new thread for classes;

  • Cover travel expenses to local events, assisting with expenses not covered in the course of travel for national and international events;

  • Foster community on social media through giveaways, and unique video content, to continue the dialogue and excitement around Palestinian tatreez embroidery.

Our budget is extremely meager and does not cover any regular stipends or honorariums. We fundraise in order to cover everything but administrative costs. We appreciate your generosity to ensure that the only initiative of its kind, Tatreez & Tea, continues to focus on amplifying the stories of Palestinian embroiderers and that we continue to create new, modern ways to engage communities around the world to practice Palestinian tatreez embroidery and keep it alive in the diaspora. Yeslamu yedaikum!

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